Cuba In Pictures 2017: part 1

CUBA is a “must-see” destination for any Caribbean or Latin American explorer. Set in between the bottom edge of Florida and the peak of Jamaica this island boasts tremendous cultural delights that are a feast for the eyes.

We at Tan Rosie are always on the look out for authentic recipes and food experiences from the Caribbean and naturally a trip to Cuba was definitely on the cards!

Cuba’s cuisine has some similarities with many of the other popular Caribbean islands such as Grenada, St Lucia and Jamaica, but their local dishes are mainly influenced by Spanish cuisine. You won’t find curry mutton here I’m afraid!

On our mini island tour we sampled typical local dishes and drank our fair share of Havana Club Rum (or Ron) too!


Havana sights

Havana Club Rum Museum

The rum museum is a great place to visit, you receive a guided tour around this magnificent building and free samples of rum too 🙂

Food & Drink in Havana


Cienfuegos Tobacco Farm (south central Cuba)