St Lucia Food Report Part 1: Local Is Best

Come and eat St Lucian food with us in May!

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It was my first time in St Lucia after hearing great stories from dozens of people, I was not disappointed!

It’s a beautiful island famed for the Pitons (above), fantastic people with a rich cultural history and superb food.

Whilst on the island my mission was to sample the best local food I could find. I wanted to gain a true sense of the island and it’s cultural roots from visiting local eateries, chatting to chefs, eating fresh fruit and veg from wherever I could find it!

We ventured off the beaten track to find some amazing local places throughout the island. There are some common traits within the cuisine compared with other islands but there are many differences in cooking techniques and recipes which were interesting to see.

Fruit & Veg

As with many Caribbean islands ‘ground provisions’ such as cassava and sweet potato are a key part of…

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