Free Rice and Peas Recipe

Rice and Peas Recipe

Traditional Rice and Peas Recipe

Rice and peas is a very traditional dish in the Caribbean. Each region has its own twist on the recipe. Jamaicans tend to use kidney beans, but my family in Carriacou Grenada have always used pigeon peas or gungo peas. It’s a timeless recipe that I hope you’ll enjoy making.


2 Cups Gungo peas

1 ½ Cups long grain easy cook rice

2 tsp Tan Rosie’s Jerk RubTan Rosie's Jerk Rub

3 Cups coconut milk

1 tbsp Fresh thyme

1 Scotch bonnet pepper

1 Large onion finely chopped

2 Garlic cloves minced

1 tbsp Olive oil

1 tbsp Butter

Salt and black pepper to taste

1 Vegetable stock cube

1 Bay leaf

1 Clove garlic

6 Whole cloves



1. Soak gungo peas in cold water overnight.

2. Drain water from peas and discard water.

3. In saucepan place drained peas with cold water, 1 garlic clove, bay leaf, and whole cloves.

4. Bring pan to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 40 to 45 minutes until peas are tender

5. Next, place frying pan on medium heat, add olive oil, butter and onions and sauté for 5 minutes.

6. Add garlic and thyme, fry for a further 1 minute.

7. Remove from heat and add onion mixture to peas, add coconut milk, scotch bonnet pepper and bring to the boil.

8. Add rice, vegetable stock cube, Tan Rosie’s Jerk Rub salt and pepper to taste.

9. Stir ingredients, bring to boil and cover pan, and reduce heat to low..

10. Allow to cook until all liquid is absorbed and rice is tender for about 20 minutes.

11. Remove from heat and allow to rest covered for 10 minutes before serving.


Taken from our book Tan Rosie Caribbean Supper Club Recipe Book – Published by Tan Rosie Foods Ltd available in paperback or download for Kindle or iPad