Feel The Heat

Tan Rosie's Garlic 7 Pepper Sauce Hot

Crank up the heat and taste the spice by adding a splash of divinely delicious and perfectly healthy Tan Rosie Garlic and Pepper Sauce to your food

Made from a family recipe, this cheeky sauce can be used as an ingredient in cooking, a marinade and as a little ‘livener’ to your chicken, fish and vegetables. By adding just a touch of Tan Rosie’s Garlic and Pepper Sauce to meals will get you waving goodbye to bland meals forever.

Awarded 1 Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards 2011 organised by The Guild of Fine Food, this great flavoursome sauce will give you a real taste of the Caribbean – just feel the heat!

Tan Rosie’s Garlic and Pepper Sauce is freshly prepared and amazingly healthy. Made with fiery scotch bonnets, which are full of vitamins and A and C to help boast your immune system and give your tip-top skin and also infused with garlic to help protect against cancer nasties.

Tan Rosie Pepper and Garlic Sauce is available from www.tanrosie.com

162ml Priced at £2.80

Caribbean Chicken