Grenada Food Report: Part III

Welcome to the 3rd and final part of our Grenada food report 2013. In this report we’ll be looking at various fruit and vegetables we found growing around the island and from local shops.

I must say, Grenada is lush with fruit and veg. Everywhere we went we saw fruit trees galore. It was peas season at the time of our visit (dry season).

See if you recognise any of these fruits and veggies..


We came across so many different varieties of bananas and plantains on the island and some I’ve only heard about and never seen until then. My favourite is the red/purple variety which is called Lakatan, this variety has to be cooked before being eaten. We’ve put together a gallery of the different types that we found on the island.

Some names of the varieties of bananas we came across: Lakatan, Secret Fig, Rock Fig, Red John, White John, Green Fig, Bluggoe, Green Banana and Plantain (there are so many more!)


We spotted so many Breadfruit trees all over the island. Breadfruit Oildown is Grenada’s national dish and now you know why, they are everywhere!

Damsel – Fruit also called amongst other names Trinidad raspberry


Five Fingers – fruit5 fingers 1 5 FINGERS


Calabash Tree – we use the Calabash as bowls. Cut in half scoop out pulp inside and leave to dry to create a very eco-friendly bowl!Calabash Tree Grenada 2

Sirris – not sure if I’ve spelt this correctly or not. But a very tasty fruit similar to cherries
Ceris Fruit Grenada 1 Ceris Fruit Grenada 2

Cocoa – We found these all over the island. Apparently they are really easy to grow. Once opened the seeds and pulp taste sweet and slightly citrus.
Cocoa Bean Tree 2

Cocoa Bean Tree Grenada


Coconuts – Such a common sight across many Caribbean islands. We ate and drank the juice of many coconuts during our stay in Grenada.Coconuts Grenada market

Cray Fish Sugar Cane – It’s called crayfish, as the colour resembles the colour of crayfish (simple really!) We spotted this variety at the Westerhall Rum Distillery.Cray Fish Sugar Cane Grenada 1

Dasheen – this dasheen was growing wild. You can eat the leaves (also known as Callaloo) and the root vegetable once it’s been harvested.DASHEEN LEAFS (CALLALOO)

Dried Coconuts – We found these drying at a relatives house. Once coconuts are dried you can extract the oil from them.DSCN0165

Ginger – Now this is how ginger should be! The ginger we tasted in Caribbean is usually more fiery than varieties found in the UK. You really can taste the heat in them!DSCN0201

Mangoes – such a common sight in Grenada and there are so many different varieties too.DSCN0236

Date Palm – so beautiful in colour and flavour.DSCN0550

Okra – these okra were freshly picked as I took this photo. I have never seen okra looking so fresh and appetizing.Freahly Picked okra Grenada

Golden Apple – These were found near to where we were staying in Grenada. They have a sweet and slightly citrus flavour – delicious.GOLDEN APPLES 1Coconut pulp – after drinking the coconut water I had it chopped open soI could eat the coconut jelly inside. What a treat!
Open Coconut Grenada 1

Grapefruit – we saw lots of grapefruits on the island and again, there are many names and different varieties available.Oranage Tree Grenada 2 Orange Tree Grenada (2)

Sapodilla – fruitSapadilla Tree Grenada

Scotch Bonnet Pepper – locally known as Seasoning Pepper in Grenada
Scotch Bonnet Pepper Grenada

Shado Beni – this is not that common in Grenada it’s grown a lot in Trinidad & Tobago. It’s great for seasoning food or as a sauce.Shado Bene Plant Grenada 1

Sorrel – this is available in red and white and can be used to make drinks or jams.SORREL

Soursop – this is one of my favourite fruit. We made fresh soursop juice from this piece, superb!Soursop Fruit Grenada

Sugar Cane – sugar cane is apparently extremely easy to grow. This variety pictured is the seed (see the eye). Just chop them off and put them in the soil and they’ll grow!Sugar Cane Grenada (2)

Tania – tasty root vegetable used in soups, stews etcTANIA

Tumeric – this is readily available across Grenada and we use it in our Garlic & Pepper SauceTumeric

Almonds – these trees are very commonWALNUTS (2)

Tamarind – very popular tree found allover. These pictured are very young. We use them in our Sweet Tamarind SauceYoung Tamarind Tree 1