Grenada Food Report: Part I

Grenada  Food Report: Part I – Local Dishes & Locally Produced Products

Grenada is located in the southern part of the Caribbean. It’s affectionately known as “The Spice Island” due to the vast quantities of nutmeg and mace that is grown and exported from the island.

grenada MAP

We traveled the length and breadth of the island in search of great tasting local dishes which genuinely showcased Grenadian/Caribbean food.

Grenada Flag Building

We also photographed some interesting locally produced Caribbean food products.

Here’s what we found..!

Chicken Roti Takeaway Grenada 2

Chicken Roti

Cooo Coo grenada 2

Cou Cou (Polenta) with red peppers

Creole Shack Meal Grenada

Stew Pork, rice and peas, macaroni cheese, pak choi & salad selection

Curry Goat Grenada (2)

Curry Goat

Curry Lambi Conch Grenada

Curry lambi (conch (shell fish)), pak choi, rice & peas, macaroni cheese & salad


Roast corn – street food

Roasted Pumpkin Grenada

Baked Pumpkin

Salt Fish & Bakes BB's Grenada

Salt Fish & Bakes

Stewed Chicken Grenada (2)

Stew Chicken

Stewed Chicken Grenada

Stew chicken, sauted carrots, cou cou (polenta) and vegetable pie

Stewed peas Grenada

Stew Peas

Stewed Pork and Macaroni Cheese

Stew Pork and macaroni cheese

Stewed Pork and Sauted Fish GrenadaSauted/stew fish, oxtail, noodles, vegetable rice and broccoli

baked chicken

Baked Chicken

Cassava and peppers grenada

Sauted Cassava with carrots, green/red/yellow peppers


Stew Oxtail

Creole Shack Caribbean Menu Board Grenada

Creole Shack, St Georges Grenada Menu. One of the best places in Grenada to get great local dishes at local prices. We ate here quite regularly!

rice and peas grenada

Rice & peas

Stew Pork GrenadaStew chicken

Locally Produced Food Products

Belmonte pepper Sauce

Pepper Sauce
Cocoa Balls Grenada

Cocoa Balls made on the Belmont Estate. The Belmont Estate grows Cocoa beans.


Breadfruit wine

Golden Apple Kutchela Chutney Grenada

Golden Apple chutney

Guava Jam Grenada

Guava Jam

Guava Jelly Grenada

Guava Jelly

Jackfruit Pickle Grenada

Breadfruit Pickle

Mango Kutchela Grenada

Mango Chutney/Kuchella

Noni Juice Grenada

Noni Juice

Nutmeg Ginger Sauce Grenada

Nutmeg Ginger

Nutmeg Jelly Grenada

Nutmeg Jelly

Nutmeg Syrup Grenada

Nutmeg Syrup

Sweet Golden Apple Chilli Sauce GrenadaGolden Apple Chilli Sauce