My Secret Supper Club

We had an amazing time going to our first supper club (somewhere in Sutton Coldfield) yesterday evening!

My Secret Supper Club is run by superb cook Gill at her beautiful home.

We had a wonderful walnut & pear tart with Gill’s son’s homemade bread (it tasted divine!) This was followed by beef with a selection of vegetables and sauces with the option of a salmon dish as alternative. The meal was finished off with a choice of a delicious fruit and port crumble, a cheese and cracker selection of a chic fruit jelly dish. I opted for the crumble with cream and it didn’t disappoint!

It was great to be on the other side of the table at a supper club for a change! The waitress did a fantastic job too.

As an extra bonus we were treated to an acoustic set by the waitress in between courses! Her playing and singing was truly fantastic.

It seems like Birmingham is becoming the place to be for supper clubs and this one should not be missed!

Thanks Gill

For more info visit

Another great supper club in the West Midlands not to be missed is Secret Squisito run by Sara and Alex