Jamaican Supper Club

Thank you to all who came to our first Jamaican Supper Club evening last night!

A great mix of people, great food and classic Trojan Records reggae and ska tunes were played as we served up the Curry Goat!

I think Curry Goat is my favourite Caribbean dish, it was cooked to perfection by Monica aka Mom!

I must say, the Ginger cake recipe just gets better and better. The ginger syrup used gives the cake added ummmm factor!

I think Moms’ hand may have slipped on the Rum element in the Rum & Raisin Ice cream – it was potent!!

We had some great Jamaican sayings for people to digest such as “Cockroach nuh business inna fowl fight” which means “Don’t get involved in this that doesn’t concern you!” I think everyones patois improved as the night went on!

Thanks again to Julian the florist at Stratford Farmers market for the delightful Dahlias. The flowers reminded us of those that are grown in the Caribbean (you can’t get more authentic than that!)

We’re looking forward to the next club night featuring Barbadian cuisine on Saturday 26th November.

Take a look at our fab piccies!